Showcasing the BibleGet I/O plugin for WordPress

I have been working on the BibleGet I/O project for a year now, and I have made among other things a WordPress plugin for this project. One of the features of this plugin is that it stores the Bible Version information locally in your wordpress, so that it doesn’t have to fetch that information every time you go to the control panel or even worse every time someone opens a page or article that uses the BibleGet shortcode. The plugin provides an “update information from BibleGet server” button that lets you manually update / fetch the Bible Versions supported by the BibleGet I/O project.

Well, I just recently added the NABRE (New American Bible – Revised Edition) to the list of supported Bible Versions in the BibleGet project, and I just tested the “Update information from BibleGet server” button, and it worked quite nicely! I now see the NABRE in the list of supported versions that I can choose from. Since the NABRE has it’s own internal formatting which should be kept for poetic texts, I am now going to test out some shortcodes to see if all is working nicely. I do know that I need to make an update for the Canticle of Canticles (or Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon) which uses a “speaker” tag that I didn’t account for in the last update to the wordpress plugin. So I’m pretty sure that won’t display correctly for now, but I will soon push an update to fix that too.

Testing the popup parameter:

John 3:16

In the meantime, here are the results of the query¬†[bibleget version="NABRE,CEI2008" query="Genesis 2:15-25"] (as you can see, the NABRE poetic texts have their own formatting, and “Lord” is always small-caps):

504 Gateway Time-out


For my own testing purposes, trying to nail down as best as possible the formatting for various case scenarios:
[bibleget version="NABRE" query="Canticle 2"]

504 Gateway Time-out



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