Windows 10 Cortana gone bezerk

Since I installed Windows 10, I enjoyed finding the Virtual Assistant “Cortana”, a kind of artificial intelligence with voice recognition that can carry out some basic tasks on my computer. I found that Cortana does a better job of opening the Windows Control Panel through voice recognition than trying to type “Control Panel” in the search bar and wait about 5 minutes before the icon shows up. (Windows 10 indexing just doesn’t seem to do the trick yet.)

Well, I have no idea what happened, but Cortana’s interface just went bezerk. When I click in the search bar I no longer have a cursor, though I do seem to be able to type anyway.

Cortana Screenshot while in ready state.


Cortana interface while typing in the search bar. Note that the search bar has actually disappeared! (Not to talk about Cortana hardly ever finding results among my apps and programs.)


Cortana interface after clicking on the microphone icon. Cortana is actually listening now!

For anyone who has already used the Cortana interface, it will be obvious that it has gone bezerk. The interface is basically empty, gone! I have no cursor, and I only have a black empty interface. Looks to me more like a glitch in the graphical interface, as though everything is maybe behind this black area. Has any else encountered this glitch? It just started happening to me today.

I tried using the feedback module to send a bug report, but even there my cursor goes out of sight instead of wrapping to the next line! And I can’t include a custom screenshot, I have no idea why they have an “include screenshot” checkbox in the feedback area if it just takes a screenshot of the current screen (or does it use the last screenshot in the clipboard?)

Trying to write some feedback in the feedback module, but my cursor goes out of view! The line is not wrapping.


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  1. johnrdorazio said:

    I have no idea why this was happening, but it seems to have fixed itself. I haven’t even rebooted the computer, but the Cortana interface just started working again.

    Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

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