Where not to go to ask questions about php or javascript programming

Wooooooooowww, I just had a heck of an experience trying to create a worthwhile dialog on a php forum to clear up a few of my own doubts. Through Google Groups comp.lang.php came right up into sight, so I figured it might be a good place to ask a question, I figured there would be a number of people who know their stuff and get me off on the right track.

So I pose my question, very simply and straightforwardly. Well well well, some know-it-all stuck up geeks start answering me and write comments about everything EXCEPT the main point of my question. I stood up to this and tried illustrate my situation and my question as explicitly as possible so as to avoid any misunderstandings as to what I was actually asking, and what do I get? Another series of answers about how I’m stuck up, know-it-all, and too condescending when I’m the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about and they know their stuff and all…

And guess what, after going back and forth a few times I actually began getting some results. Until someone joined in on the conversation and brought down to the mud again. What a bickering bunch of folks over there on usenet! It must be a big group of 60-70 year olds who all they know how to do is show off, pick on people, try as hard as they can NOT to help, bicker, and then stomp their legs because you don’t humiliate yourself enough in front of their great wisdom and knowledge.

Guess what usenet, you can bathe in your own egotistical closed-minded confrontations that don’t lead anywhere and don’t actually build anything on the web. If the world wide web is going anywhere nowadays, it’s notwithstanding you guys that’s for sure.

What a completely useless conversation that was. I think it should be called uselessnet, not usenet.

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