linux all the way for compiling!

So I’ve never had much experience in compiling with C# or C++. I just recently had a try at it, I was interested in Google Talk and Google Voice functionalities, Google gives you their library libjingle to compile. They don’t give it to you ready and compiled, you have to compile it.

Ok, so let’s go for it. I have Visual Studio Express (the light free version), so I try downloading all the necessary components and I try compiling it. Guess what. You can’t with Visual Studio Express. It doesn’t have all the necessary libraries. So you either have to get into the libjingle code and modify it so it’ll work with VS Express, or you get the Professional version of Visual Studio with the full libraries. Guess what. I find out that Visual Studio 2010 Professional costs 1 grand. $1,000 ? No, I’m just joking. It doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. It costs $ 12, 000 dollars! And this time I’m not kidding. Yup, 12 GRAND.

Now is that crazy or what? Yup, that’s crazy. That’s what makes me say, Linux all the way. I’ve had a look at Linux in the past few years, though I never did get into it a whole lot because I only have one computer to work with, and I do use quite a bit of Microsoft Windows functionality, especially when it comes to video / audio compositing. No, not editing. Compositing. There are some Linux tools out there, but they aren’t quite the thing you can find on Windows. Unfortunately, you have more possibilities on Windows when it comes to that. Or for 3d design. Yeah, you have Blender for 3d design… But Blender isn’t Cinema 4d for example. Simply said, I’m unfortunately still stuck on Windows.

But $ 12,000 dollars to be able to compile a library? I’m not a developer who works for a company that produces software to sell. I don’t get anything out of it economically. I just like to learn. And who knows, I might offer some free services if I get to know enough about certain technologies. I’m a freelancer and nothing, I mean $0 and no cents goes into my pockets.

So $12,000 to compile a library is absolutely absurd for me. But I guess not only for me. Even for developers who do put something into their pockets this seems to be pretty far-fetched. It’s a sign that Microsoft is just a money guzzling, avid company. They don’t seem to be very wise about competition either. They’re losing ground very quickly. Here’s what developers have to say (some of which work for Microsoft from what I read):

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