Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

Installing the Google Chrome browser on a Ubuntu linux OS is not exactly straightforward, simply because not all of the required dependencies are met. So here is a good way to get it done (I’m using Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Server x64 with desktop installed):

  1. Download the correct version for your system from
  2. Using synaptic to install it won’t work, so press CTRL+ALT+T to open up a terminal. Navigate to your downloads folder (usually something like “cd Downloads”, or if you’re not in your home folder “cd  ~/Downloads”.
  3. Install using: “sudo dpkg -i name_of_the_package.deb” and press ENTER. The package is usually named along the lines of “google-chrome-stable-current….deb”. You could just type the first few letters like “goog” then press TAB, and terminal will complete the name for you. If it doesn’t find a correspondence, then type “ls” and press ENTER to see the downloaded files in the folder. After you give the “sudo dpkg” command, you will be prompted for your password, type it in and press ENTER.
  4. The installation won’t complete because of the missing dependencies. So now you just do “sudo apt-get -f install”, and the missing dependencies will be automatically installed for you and probably the google chrome package will complete installation too. There you go!
    Now just type in “exit” and press ENTER to go back to your desktop.

In a nutshell, after you’ve downloaded your file, open a command line with CTRL+ALT+T, and:

username@ubuntu:~$ cd Downloads
username@ubuntu:~/Downloads$  sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable-current_amd64.deb

username@ubuntu:~/Downloads$  sudo apt-get -f install

and that should be it!

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