BibleGet I/O Project

The BibleGet I/O Project ( is an educational tool for making the Bible, in various editions, available for quoting within documents and applications.

It offers a service endpoint ( which can be used by applications in order to facilitate the process of injecting a BibleGet into say a document, or a web page.

And so as to give an idea of how an application might go about doing this, the BibleGet Project also offers some ready made applications that use the service endpoint:

The engine behind the service endpoint can understand the names of the books of the bible in almost any language. However it currently only serves very few versions of the Bible. Eventually we would like to add a few more versions in various languages…

And eventually I would like to add more functionality, such as the possibility of looking up a bible quote by keyword or theme… A kind of thesaurus functionality. Who know if I’ll ever get back around to it…

In any case the project is open source with  all the plugins, so anyone can contribute to build another plugin! (

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