Semina Verbi wiki style online encyclopedia

With the growth of online encyclopedias such as wikipedia, I thought it would be useful to use such a tool for a cultural project with the purpose of organizing information about human arts and culture and their relationship to the Gospel, whether explicit or implicit, according to the philosophy of Saint Justin the Martyr when he spoke about the “seeds of Word” being spread throughout the different cultures of mankind. Saint Paul the Apostle used this same approach when preaching to the gentiles, as in his renowned speech in the Areopagus of Athens, quoting from the greek poets to convey the good news of the Gospel.

And so the Semina Verbi wiki was born. I’m hoping it will become a community experience among those who are sensible to and have some knowledge of various aspects of human culture and can read into the relationship with the Gospel. How has the Gospel inspired, directly or indirectly, human thought, the arts, various forms of expression such as cinema and theatre?

Logo of the Semina Verbi wiki project

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