Vittorio Bachelet Photography Award

The Faces of Mercy – such was the title of the 36th edition of the Vittorio Bachelet Photography Award, the national photographic contest with a social background based in Rome, created by Fabrizio Fratangeli. I met Fabrizio when I was a pastoral assistant in the Poggio Ameno (Montagnola) neighbourhood, at Holy Martyrs of Uganda Parish. I knew that he would organize this event each year, and since I was interested in organizing a similar event I turned to Fabrizio to draw on his experience. However Fabrizio had to face a cycle of chemotherapy, and yet he was very happy that I had turned to him because he still had the desire to once again organize the competition. So I joined forces with Fabrizio in the organization of the 36th edition. But Fabrizio passed away before the organization of the event was completed, so I completed it in his memory.

Here is the site of the event:

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